GP Rate Pro version

  • Implemented: Always use store name and address as Shipped From on SCAN Form
  • GP Rate Pro version

  • UPS Pickup Summary Report: Removed signature part from Summary page
  • UPS Pickup Summary Report: Added page numbers
  • UPS Pickup Summary Report: Added header to each page
  • UPS Pickup Summary Report: changed titles for Shipments and Drop-Offs
  • Implemented hiding of Drop Down List of Countries when typing inside country Combo Box in main window
  • GP Rate Pro version

    GP Rate Pro version

  • Fixed error when trying to email a report
  • Implemented automatic switching of current Tab and automatic focus on Contents Description if it is missing when trying to process a shipment
  • GP Rate Pro version

  • Stamp Rates update
  • GP Rate Pro version

  • Added Declared Value for current package/shipment to Commodities tab
  • Fixed UPS Pickup Summary report error which occurs when trying to generate a report for the first time
  • GP Rate Pro version

  • Fixed: FedEx and USPS shipments can’t be voided if processed without Label
  • Added ability to print Tracking Numbers of Shipments and Drop-Offs with UPS Pickup Summary Report
  • #904: Added printing/emailing of shipments with already existing SCAN Form
  • #906: Added a checkbox to Daily Shipping Report to exclude shipments with a receipt number
  • Fixed #905: Receipt # generated on other systems is not displayed until Rate Pro is restarted
  • Added display of total customs value and weight of all currently visible commodities in Process Package window
  • #903: Implemented Drop-off Compensation Report
  • #902: Added handling of Shipsurance value over $15000