How to set up IPS

1.  In GP Rate Pro go to Tools, select  General Preferences.


2. In General Preferences window select IPS.


3.  Select Test as Account Type, then click on Account Signup button.


4. Next, Register IPS Account by filling in the fields and click on Register.


5. GP Rate Pro message will appear

“Your account has been successfully registered. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with your new login and password. You will then need to change IPS account type to “Live”, enter your login and password, and verify your account by clicking “Verify Account” button. After that you can start using the IPS service.


6. After you receive login and password, go to General Preferences, select Live as Account Type, then enter Account ID (login) and Password.


7. You will see a GP Rate Pro message “Your account is verified. You can now ship with IPS.” Click on OK button.


8. Save your settings by clicking on OK button in General Preferences window.


9: You are now ready to ship with IPS.

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Updated on April 2, 2020